Children learn in very different ways and at vastly different rates. Federal aims to offer an inclusive curriculum that meets the needs of all learners. The learning environment is managed in such a way as to facilitate different styles of learning, with particular regard to the specific educational needs of the children and the ways in which they learn best.

By understanding how children learn best we are able to include many styles of learning in our teaching. An inclusive curriculum provides opportunities for children to learn in a variety of ways through high quality learning experiences based on:

  • Auditory learning (listening)
  • Visual learning (looking)
  • Kinesthetic learning (moving/touching/active)

Work is planned based upon excellent knowledge of the children and ongoing assessments of their understanding and specific needs. For children with specific learning needs, we involve the use of additional staff and appropriate resources. Differentiated learning tasks and activities will support all children, including those experiencing specific challenges as well as extending and enriching experiences.

We strongly believe that learning should be fun and engaging and that children should be encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their own learning as they progress. To this end, all staff are committed to the following practices:

  • Teachers will work to ensure a positive, calm and supportive ethos and have high expectations of work and behaviour.
  • There will be a high level of interaction with pupils at all times, utilizing such strategies as:

        > the use of deep, probing questioning to assess children’s understanding

        > Talk/response partners

        > Non-verbal whole class response strategies, eg. thumbs up/down

        > Use of personal whiteboards

        > Children sharing learning strategies

The focus is on developing the basic concepts in core subjects (English, mathematics, sciences, art, music and physical education) through activities, projects, and work-sheets.

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