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The school boasts of many clubs which are student based school organizations, consisting of administration-approved organizations functioning with myriad tasks, varying on the specific purpose of each respective club. These are organizations that group like-minded students together. While students do much of the planning, organizing and activities, an academic adviser, usually a teacher or a mentor oversees academic clubs.

There was a time when good grades meant everything. It was enough to get you into college or university, enough to get the students a good job. However good grades alone do not mean that life is set for great success. Students need to develop proper set of skills to succeed in the workplace.
There are more skills that students can aim to have which are acquired beyond the classroom.
It is important to appreciate the contribution of the skills set a learner can obtain from being part of a club at school. Hence Federal emphasizes on the active participation of the students in the club activities.

Clubs can offer important life skills that a learner can use for the rest of his or her life.

Benefits of Academic Clubs
Club activities don’t just keep students busy or entertained. They can also offer great developmental benefits that will help them academically and socially.
Joining clubs and volunteering is a great way to:
• Make new friends
• Build respect and learn team work
• Gain self-confidence
• Relieve stress
• Learn real-world skills
• Develop time management skills
• Explore Interests and Create Broader Perspectives
• Improved Academic Performance
• To find out about how other students are approaching their major and future career path.

The clubs are open to everyone. Students have to be elected to be a leader.When a learner is part of leadership like the prefects body or in the junior parliament, one gets opportunities to be trained and further develop more leadership skills that will not only be beneficiary at school but for the rest of their life. There is a wide choice of clubs for our students to participate based on the age criteria and interests namely,

1. The spell bees
2. The quizzing quails
3. The racing rabbits
4. The creative cranes

1.The Speaker’s Spotlight English Club
2.The Number Ninjas Club
3.The Boogie Bouncers Club
4.The Kiddy’s Craft Club
5.The Masterminds- Science Club
6.The Amrutha Bindu Kannada Sangha
7.The Hindustan Ki Shaan Hindi Club

The Columnist Club
The Orator’s Club
The Picasso Club
The Raaga Sagarika Club
The Einstein Club
The Aryabhatta Club
Da Ra Bendre Kannada sangha
Tulsi Das Sangh
The Vihaari Club.